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March 2020.

One task I had been putting off and putting off again was making the UC legs, largely because I've never been good at wire bending, and the size of the wire  (3/16th) was intimidatingly large and difficult.

However, in a small piece of serendipity, Luke Z, the originator of the  Ivan's thread had a K&S "Mighty bender and coiler" which he no longer needed and gave it to our Trevor. I borrowed it before Christmas and finally got round to the task.

And how easy it was! I made up the two legs in 30 minutes: that included a try with thinner wire (actually more difficult) and using my Dremel to cut off the ends as needed.

The fit is a bit tight at the moment but the legs actually stop before  the ply doublers. I now need to drill out the centres of my wheels and  get the model stood on her legs for a milestone picture.

The rest of the building proceeds slowly. I’ve used depron for the cowls and nacelles because it is easy to work and has a large glueing area. I’m hoping these parts don’t come under any stress though.


Despite my best efforts to procrastinate, it is time to start covering the model. The tail group was first to be built and is now in the covering stage, with the fins glued to the tailplane (making a perfect target for hanger rash!) and the rudders hinged using Robart 2.5mm pinpoint hinges.



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