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Vampire Paint Repair1

This is Frank Bayes’ Durafly Vampire, a relatively early EDF foamie. He says:

I purchased the model from a retiring  club member a couple of years ago. The model is still available from  Hobbyking as a Canadian liveried model, here: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/durafly-vampire-rcaf-70mm-pnf.html

I removed the undercarriage partly to lighten the model and also as  reports show that it is not substantial, and tends to break away from  the model. I also added part of a ubiquitous  Tesco orange juice bottle to protect the intake from grass/stones on  landing which is now on its belly.

I added a hook for bungee launch in case someone else is not available to hand  launch for me. Two pieces of sandpaper either side for grip.Vampire Hook and  Plastic cover (3)Vampire Flap and Brake maybe (2)

I also have an idea to add the authentic air brake and flap, using one  servo each side only, for the two to operate simultaneously.

The attached photos should be self explanatory.

Unfortunately it had a brand new receiver malfunction, even after a range check on  the maiden flight. It ended in a tree at Strawberry Field in bits, luckily the light  glue holding the parts together caused virtually no  damage to the parts, and it is ready to go again as your photo shows.


Thinking of buying one? Read this review first - Ed https://www.flitetest.com/articles/durafly-dh-100-vampire-canadian-edition-review

Below, this very ambitious “sticks and tissue” Boeing 727-100 was built by Paul Johnson, from a kit by Laser Design Services. for two 50mm fans, and Frank B reports that it had successful flights at Stanpit last year. .


Paul has also flown an EDF Vampire - he says:

.While I  look for photos of my Vampire, I have sent some photos of my VC10. I  didn't build it, it was scratch built by Chris Golds, he used to publish his projects in the 'Quiet Electric Flight'- which is no more. I have flown it at Stanpit a few times on a Friday night.

VC10 1

VC10 2VC10 3


This 49” span Avro Vulcan, from the Tony Nijhuis free plan in RCME was built by Neil King.and flown on a number of occasions until gravity claimed it last year. Neil comments:

“The Vulcan was 48 inch span design by Tony Nijhuis with four 50mm ducted fans ,retractable undercarriage and two 2600 lipo 3 batteries, one carried in each wing supplying two fans.

When actually in the air it flew well but suffered from being underpowered. Another major problem was with 4 fans and speed controllers being in such a confined space, overheating of the speed controllers caused fan failure and crashes. Having the batteries in the wings may be convenient, but again cooling is a problem with the two fans drawing 50 amps, the batteries became almost to hot to handle.

There is now a 72 inch version using two 90 mm EDF, which means two unused  inlet intakes and lots more space. I am thinking about it.

The MIG 15 was finished I thought, but would not fly due to lack of thrust. The 50 mm edf was a redundant unit from the Vulcan. This is one of the four mini jets designed by Tony, another one being the Hawker Hunter of which an article appeared in  January’s RCME magazine. I wish I had read this earlier as he is very specific about not fitting earlier 50 mm units as you will be very disappointed.

He recommends the 3s FMS units which give 600g/1.37lbs static thrust with a current of 32.1 amps. The old unit drew 27 amps with nowhere near this performance. A 4s FMS unit is also available

EDF units available from 4 Max.

Now back to rebuilding and fitting appropriate EDF in the MIG



And this is Jon Couldridge’s JP. He says ”It is plan built from the Tony Nijhuis mini jet series from RCM&E.The engine inlets are made of balsa and the canopy is part of a coke bottle sprayed black.  Not very scale I know. I did this to keep the cost down which I am glad I did as it has not flown due to the problems listed below.

It has not managed to fly yet. It was running on a 3s set- up but was under-powered and would not fly. I uprated it to 4s but  it is still under powered and will not fly.  I intend to throw it off a steep hill in the future and I suspect it will fly then.  If it does I will bungee launch it.  At the moment I would suggest not to build these mini jets.  On YouTube Tony Nijhuis does hand launch successfully,  others all have trouble like me.  It's not  looking so pretty now as the nose fell off and I have now repaired it!  Sorry I am not more positive.I would advise club members to bite the bullet and buy  something like the Avanti S, expensive but it flies brilliantly.


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