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Christchurch and District Model Flying Club



  • NAME
  • The name of the Club shall be the ’Christchurch and District Model Flying Club’.
  • The object of the Club shall be to maintain and develop the hobby of building and flying model aircraft.
  • The Officers of the Club shall consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee composed of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of three other members. Each member of the Committee to be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club each year.

The Committee shall meet at least four times a year. Four members shall make a quorum, the Chairman having the casting vote in the event of a tie. The Vice Chairman to have the same powers as the Chairman in the Chairman’s absence.

All voted Committee members shall be entitled to vote.  Further Club members may be appointed to the Committee to run any section that may be formed.  Co-opted members shall not be entitled to vote at Committee meetings.

The club will indemnify all Officers & Committee members if they incur any liability when acting on behalf of the Club.”

  • Control of all monies and property of the Club shall be vested in the Management Committee of the Club, who shall run the Club on a non-profit making basis. All monies are to be used solely to further the objectives of the Club. Should the Club cease and be wound up then the assets of the Club shall be made over to the British Model Flying Association and held by them for a period pending any financial claims on the Club.
  • All payments shall be made, where practical, by BACS or cheques to be authorised by any two signatories of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer. All monies shall be held in an account with the Christchurch Branch of Lloyds Bank Limited.

A true record of accounts shall be kept by the Treasurer and two members of the Club shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to act as auditors.

  • Subscriptions of the Club are due on or before 1st January.

Junior members (those under 18 years), or students (Full time & under 21 years) will pay no more than half the Adult Subscription.

  • As the Club is affiliated with the BMFA all members are covered by the BMFA Insurance Scheme.
  • Membership shall be open to those persons genuinely interested in aero modelling. The Committee can restrict Club Membership at any time.

The Committee shall have the power to revoke membership of any member continually violating the Rules of the Club.

  • The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in December of each year.

An EGM may be convened at any time by the Committee and shall be convened by them on receipt of a requisition signed by 12 members.

Any member desirous of submitting any matter to be voted on at the Annual General Meeting (Motions) shall give not less than 28 days notice to the Secretary. A Motion must be seconded by two members.

  • The Constitution shall only be altered by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of the Committee and members present at an EGM or Annual General Meeting. Notice of such proposed amendment(s) must be given not less than 28 days before the General Meeting, in writing, to the Secretary.
  • The Club Honorary Treasurer and/or Membership Secretary shall keep the following records:
    • Club Register showing members names and addresses.
    • A Subscription record.
    • A General Account Record.
  • The Committee will accept no responsibility or liability from accident and third party claims resulting from the use of any flying site or from the flying of model aircraft. Such liability is solely the individual‘s responsibility. The individual’s responsibility also extends to any building used for the time being for Club activities.
  • Christchurch and District Model Flying Club is committed to support and encourage our hobby into the future. To this end, we actively seek new young members. However, in order to protect the younger members, vulnerable adults and ourselves, certain special measures must be taken.

For the purposes of this Policy statement, the term Junior shall be taken to include vulnerable adults with Learning disabilities.

All junior members must have their membership applications signed by a parent or guardian.

Whenever possible, training should take place with a parent or guardian present.

No training of a junior member shall take place other than by means of a buddy lead system. This ensures that no physical contact is needed.

Under no circumstances is any member to offer a junior member a ride in their car, invite a junior to his home, or go to the junior’s home without the express written consent of the junior’s parent or guardian.

Members are reminded that at all times we expect the highest standards of behaviour, but extra care should be taken with their language and general conduct when juniors are present. 

Any member violating these guidelines is liable to censure at the Committee’s discretion. Any member convicted of any criminal offence against a junior member whilst involved in training shall be expelled from the Club immediately.

Any member found guilty of any offence against a junior/vulnerable adult shall not assist with any training activities. (This covers non club activities, etc.)

  • Christchurch & District Model Flying Club does not and will not condone any discriminatory attitudes or behaviour.

Membership is open to anyone who wishes to join and take part in club activities, regardless of their ethnicity, racial, sexual preferences etc.

Anyone bringing the Club into disrepute will be censured and possibly have their membership terminated.

Any member who is unwilling to accept this anti-discrimination policy will be required to leave the Club.

Remember, discriminatory behaviour is a criminal offence. –

Membership termination will depend on the severity of the complaint in question.

i.e. A minor infringement, settled with an apology, would not in itself mean termination of membership, but several occurrences from the same person and termination would be necessary.

In severe cases then instant termination would be necessary.

i.e. A member admits an offence or a court finds the member guilty.

Witness corroboration will be required with any complaint.

  • a.   The member is to be given a verbal warning by an authorised committee member in which the member is made aware of his misdemeanour and what he is reasonably required to do to make amends.
  • b.   If the member does not respond, he is to be given a written warning by an authorised committee member to advise him of his misdemeanour and what he is reasonably required to do to make amends.
  • c.   If he still fails to respond, the Committee should invite him in writing to meet with them at a previously agreed date and time to discuss the situation, advising they are considering withdrawal of his membership.
  • d.   If he still fails to respond to reasoning or fails to attend without reasonable cause, the Committee can advise him in writing that his membership is withdrawn, stating the reasons why this decision was reached.
  • e.   When the member is advised of withdrawal of his membership, he must be given the right of appeal. If he opts to appeal, this would normally be to the Club membership at an EGM which the Committee would call on his behalf at a previously agreed time and date. The motion to uphold the membership withdrawal or reverse it must be in accordance with the voting procedures set out in the Club Constitution.
  • The Club will comply with the General Data Protection Regulations in force from 25th May 2018, on the legal basis for processing the minimum of the member’s personal data to enable the Club to administer & fulfil our obligations & provide membership services.” 

This constitution was adopted by the EGM held on 14th April 2000

Amended 5th December 2007

Amended 7th December 2011

Amended 5th December 2012

Amended 6th December 2017

Amended 2nd May 2018

Signed in the original

    • Chairman                  Secretary