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Christchurch & District Model Flying Club

Minutes of 2020 Annual General Meeting

Held at a Zoom meeting on Wednesday 2 December 2020 after the business had been conducted by email

Present :- Terry Antell Chairman, Martin Burr Vice Chairman, Malcolm Bird Secretary, Alan Butterworth Treasurer, Brian Brockway Membership Secretray & 21 members.

Apologies: - Apologies received from 4 members.


It had been agreed by members following an email and postal consultation that because of the pandemic, the meeting could be held online. Following this agreement, the Agenda, Reports and Proposals were circulated with a voting form. There were 27 responses from the membership, all voting “Yes” to the Reports and Proposals, apart from six abstentions to the second and third items on the agenda. These were made because the members concerned had not attended the last AGM or were debarred from voting because they were involved in the preparation of the accounts. The form for voting is shown at the end of the minutes.

In this way, the business of the AGM had been completed by the time of the Zoom meeting. The Reports and the one Proposal that were circulated are detailed below


Very little for me to say. The members have been active, subject to virus restrictions.

A number of you, me included, have not enjoyed the best of health at times.

Interesting reading the “down on the farm” items about Strawberry Field and the rabbits. Hopefully, Alex is winning. My thanks to Jon Couldridge for his efforts at keeping the mower functioning, plus grass cutting.

Brian Brockway was then, as now, still organising Friday evening glider flying at Stanpit. Also being membership secretary. He even finds time for be a slope glider tutor, too.

John Macklin for his words of wisdom and arranging a good reduced price on our tractor/mower a few years since.

Alan has always maintained excellent account records, thank you.

Malcolm will be forever in my mind for his work at achieving Full Planning consent a number of years ago for Strawberry Field.

Martin Burr for his calm advise and assistance over many years as Vice Chairman.

Since I first joined C&DMFC 17 years ago much has changed, all for the better. We now have a private field and an aqua site at Longham. We still retain Stanpit Rec with a 3 yearly Licence.

We still have quite a few glider flyers who attend the slopes, something I used to love.

Our membership has been over 100 for many years now.

Becoming an affiliated BMFA Club also helped with much advice with SF & retaining Stanpit Rec.

I look forward to enjoying a few exciting model flying moments in the future. It may be after the virus is held in check though.

Thanks for everyone’s support during this and many years.

Terry Antell

October 2020


The Minutes of the 2019 AGM, were published on the Club web site in March 2020, with no matters arising, and are proposed as a true record

Three Committee meetings had been held during the year. Due to the Covid-19 Virus the meeting were held via Emails or Zoom with thanks to Terry for hosting the meetings. All minutes were recorded & are up to date.  Contact between committee members was maintained on a regular ad hoc basis & decisions recorded at the next meeting.  Regular contact with BMFA was maintained, especially during Virus epidemic for guidance of the regulations affecting model flying.

We have no Legal Licencing or Agreements outstanding.

No changes have been made to the Constitution or General Data Protection Regulations.

It is with deep regret I tender my resignation as Secretary due to the fact I am unable to continue model flying.

Malcolm Bird


October 2020


It has been a challenging year to say the least but, while the Country’s health is a cause for concern, C&DMFC’s financial position is fine. The concern that the imposition of the CAA’s registration scheme might deter some people did not happen and membership, as Brian will attest, was only slightly down. Despite this, not surprisingly, overall income was down from 2019 by nearly 1400, despite Alex’s efforts with sales from the “Bits Box”. However, because of the cessation of most activities due to you-know-what, expenses were down by almost 2000 resulting in an increase of income over expenses of almost 1500 compared to last year. The club’s bank balance is now almost 8500, which the Committee agree is more than enough for our current needs. Therefore, the Committee is proposing that the subscription, for current members only, should be just 5.00 for 2021.

Payment of subscriptions for 2021 will have to be by cheque or, even better (please, please, please to save my trips to the bank) by BACS. Cheques should be sent to Brian Brockway (36 Luther Road, Winton, Bournemouth BH9 1LL), and must be made out to either CDMFC or C&DMFC (the bank is getting strict on this). For BACS payment the bank details are Sort Code 30-92-02 and Account Number 00257688, and please email both Brian ( and myself ( that you have paid. Because of the proposed low subscription, the club would ask that any payment by cheque should include a Stamped Address Envelope, and payment by BACs an extra 65p. This is to contribute to the cost of mailing new membership cards.

BMFA and CAA Operator’s Licence will need renewing for 2021, the cost being unknown to me at the moment. Note that members who have usually paid for BMFA and the Operator Licence through the club can easily renew both through the BMFA’s membership portal. However, if you would rather not, you can still renew through the club.

Alan Butterworth, Hon Treasurer October 2020


The membership count for 2020 stands at 112. This is slightly down on recent years, but when considering the recent restrictions placed on all social activities, a reduction in the membership numbers could have been predicted.

It is possible that some members have been sheltering and hence may not have bothered to renew.

Also the loss of the regular Club night meetings and our inability to offer any hands-on training has had a negative effect on our ability to attract new members.

The new CAA registration requirements may also have had an impact on membership numbers.

BMFA Membership Portal

There are 85 current Club members listed on the BMFA Membership Portal. (27 current members are therefore not on the listing).

We would urge members who are able to do so to register and activate their BMFA accounts as C&DMFC members. Inclusion on the BMFA portal Club list allows the Club Treasurer to renew individual BMFA memberships on-line. Club members can then renew Club membership, BMFA membership and CAA registration by a single cheque or (as preferred) a single BACS payment to the Club.


Overall the membership number is still very healthy, and there is no reason for concern. Many BMFA affiliated clubs function well with much smaller membership numbers. We can expect things to improve next year if the social distancing rules can be further relaxed.

Brian Brockway

Membership Secretary

20 October 2020


Early in the year a working party cleared reeds from both the nearest flying points to improve sightlines and access for models. In the absence of the contractor who last cleared the banks two years ago, this has turned out to be a job that needs doing twice a year: the best method is simply to use garden shears and wear a pair of waders.

Despite the pandemic there has been considerable activity at the lake, with 12 new models flown. The finest was undoubtedly David Bintcliffe’s De Havilland Biplane No. 2 which has flown regularly. New member Bill Glover demonstrated a versatile rescue craft equipped with FPV and reverse.

Sloping Off has been very well supported with a massive total of 52 articles including all activities hosted by the Club (and some that are not).

The Website hosting company has been subsumed into another but the transformation was seamless. There are no extra charges.

The Club’s Facebook page seems popular, with 50 or so views of posts and is well worth maintaining.

The Google Group continues to provide an essential medium for communication and thanks are due to Andrew Ford-Hutchinson for looking after it.

Mike Roach

October 2020


The Committee proposes that the Annual Subscription for 2021 will be 5.00 for existing members, 0.00 for Junior members and 15.00 (+15.00 joining fee) for new adult members and 5.00 for new junior members. Note that the required subscription to the BMFA will be as agreed at their AGM.


  • The BMFA and CAA subscriptions were unchanged for 2021.
  • The new committee under Chairman Jon Goddard was formed.


There were no Notices of Motion from the membership.

The incoming Chairman thanked the outgoing committee members for their service with special mention to Terry Antell for his enormous contribution to the Club and Malcolm Bird for his work as secretary. In the discussion that followed both Jon Couldridge and John Macklin were mentioned by name and all were thanked by the participants.








Do you agree to the AGM being conducted remotely?





Do you agree that the minutes of the 2019 meeting are a true and accurate record of the proceedings?





Do you agree the Club’s end of year accounts?





Do you agree the Committee for 2021 should be:

Officers: Chairman Jon Goddard, Vice Chair Martin Burr, Secretary Mike Roach, Treasurer Alan Butterworth, Membership Secretary Brian Brockway.

Members: Alex Bush, David Bintcliffe, Nick King?





Do you agree the Hon Auditors should be Roger Dornom and Clive Spencer?





Do you agree the subscriptions for 2021 should be:

Under 18 or in full time education - 0

Adults - 5

New members - 15

Joining Fee - 15?





How to Vote:

Mark your vote below, sign the sheet, scan the completed document, and email it to the acting club secretary Mike Roach at

Or, post the completed document to him at: 5 Foxwood Avenue, Christchurch BH23 3JZ.

Alternatively, and without completing the following document, email your decision under each agenda item to him, or just say “Yes/No to all” if appropriate.

Whichever method you use, your votes must reach the club secretary by 12.00 on Wednesday 2 December 2020 for them to count.