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Club Meetings at the Bransgore Village Hall and Flying Meetings

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month at Bransgore Village Hall, 116 Burley Rd, Bransgore, Christchurch BH23 8AY.

There is plenty of parking, and there is a sports/rec field attached where flying may be possible.

The meeting room is booked from 7pm to 10pm.

Club Slope Days Out - Every 2nd Thursday of the month (but not in the winter).

Club electric glider and bungee glider comp at Stanpit every Friday evening May - Sep. Details here

The Tuesday technique meetings that were held at the Walkford have been postponed until further notice.



Wed 3 Club meeting. “New Forest Airfields in WWII."a talk by Dr. Henry Goodall,  Chair Trustee of New Forest Airfields Memorial & Heritage Centre,  based in Bransgore.There will be film and stills plus a talk by Henry Goodall. He’ll take questions at the end of his presentation.
Please bring models of 20s, 30s and 40s aircraft to the meeting.


Wed 1 Club meeting. An illustrated talk by Stephen Robson, the Chairman Charles Rolls Trust about Charles Rolls the first Briton to be killed in an air accident, at Southborne in 1910, and the flying he did to that date.


Wed 5 Club meeting, Sat 22 Longham Open Day POSTPONED TO 21 SEPTEMBER, Sun 30th Rose Bowl Glider Comp


Wed 3 Club meeting, Sat 20 Club free Fun Comp and BBQ


Wed 7 Chuckie Comp Bransgore Village Hall - see below


Wed 4 Club meeting - Constuction and Finish competition judging. Sat 21 Longham Open Day new date


Wed 2 Club meeting, Photo Competition - see below.


Wed 6th Club Auction


Wed 4th AGM


Wed 8th (NOT 1st) 2020 Quiz Night hosted by the Old Farts.


Rules: Competitors have 60 minutes to make a model glider using one sheet of 1/16 x 3” x 3 feet of balsa wood (or metric equivalent.)

No drawn plans, no pre-marking the sheet, no pre-cutting, no photos or pics using a mobile phone, etc.

Please bring a newspaper or thick magazine to use on the tables so as not to mark them when using the scalpel you will need to bring. Suggested using spots of super glue to attach parts. Please bring your own sandpaper and small wood block to use to add shape to the model if you want to.

Only plasticine or similar material to be used as nose weight.

Tasks: Distance. 1. From launch point fly as far as possible along the hall. 10 attempts for each participant taking turns.

             Duration. 2. Fly the same model for as long as possible around the room. (from a set position)

Marks up to 12 for max distance per flight.

  • Timed score in seconds & 100th of a second for duration.
  • The best 5 from 10 scores are percentaged against the winner from each task to decide the final positions.

It really is a FUN comp.


It's time to dust off your cameras and get snapping - announcing a new club photo competition. Digital only, I'm afraid, but we thought it would be fun to have an evening of showing some photos of aircraft - model and full-size - and turn it into a little competition.

We propose 5 categories - 4 still images and one video:

- member with model

- member's model in flight

- full size, either airforce or civilian

- any other modelling activity (flying, building, socialising , crashing etc.)

- video, 2 minute max, of any modelling activity.

This is planned for our October meeting to give you plenty of time to take new photos or to search out your best from your files. Enter up to 2 still images in each category, maximum file size 2mb. And send your entries to me 3-4 weeks before the meeting and I will put them randomly into presentations and we can all vote for our favourites. And maybe an overall favourite.

Hopefully we'll get enough entries to have a fun evening with lots of good images.

Alan will display the entries using our projector and 80” screen.

Remember, you can use your mobile phone or iPad (or smart equivalents) to take the photo/s / video.

Any questions, talk to Alan B (

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