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Fawcett’s Field

New members please read the rules and code of practice below before flying at the site. The Club general rules apply to this field.

This small site is suited to “Park Fly” Fixed Wing Electric Power Models, Electric Gliders and Helicopters. It is a public place and great care must be taken to fly in a safe and controlled manner at all times. Flying here is restricted to Club members only, by agreement with New Milton Town Council

Custom & practice is to set up the pits and flight line on the periphery at the southern side of the field. There is a no-fly zone south and west of the tree line adjacent to the car park or over the club house, as shown in pink on the map below..

A committee member is to be made aware of any problems with members of the public.

Flying may only take place during daylight hours and there is to be no flying when other authorised activities are taking place.

Flying over residential properties is not permitted.

Please see additional notes below.

Fawcett's Field

If confronted by a non-member determined to fly, please proceed as follows:

Explain that it is a New Milton Town Council requirement that flying be restricted to C&DMFC members only and do all that you reasonably can to persuade the flyer concerned not to fly.

If persuasion fails, try to find out as much as possible about the culprit and if possible note his/her car registration number.

Report the details to a Committee member as soon as possible.

If confronted by a complaint from a member of the public, please proceed as follows:

Be polite and try to resolve the matter, but do not get drawn into an argument.

If the matter cannot be amicably resolved at the time, try to obtain details of the complainant (i.e. name, address, telephone number) and the reason for the complaint.

Report details to a member of the Committee as soon as possible.