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Longham Lake map1
Map 2015



Longham Lake 2 is owned by Bournemouth Water (BW) which has entered into an agreement with Christchurch & District Model Flying Club (CDMFC) for the flying of model aircraft from the lake.

The only models permitted to be flown are radio controlled, electric-powered, propeller driven, fixed-wing flying boats and floatplanes not exceeding a weight limit of 7kg.

Flying of model aircraft from the reservoir (the designated site) is open only to members of CDMFC, in accordance with the rules set out below.

Flyers must be members of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA).


  1. All flyers must be in possession of a CDMFC membership card when intending to fly at Longham Lake 2 and be able to show that card, upon request, to the BW Longham Lakes Duty Warden.
  2. CDMFC must remain affiliated to the BMFA to operate at Longham Lakes.
  3. Any Club member intending to fly at Longham Lakes 2 should consult the Activities timetable to determine whether flying can take place. The BW Duty Warden, who is on site/contactable from Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:15 (Mobile number shown in the Longham Lakes Study Centre office window), has a copy of the timetable.
  4. Club members intending to fly are authorised to park their vehicle in the Longham Lakes Study Centre car park. This is the only permitted parking area.
  5. Flying can only take place over Longham Lakes 2 from one of three Flying Locations (FL’s) as detailed on the enclosed map.
  6. Flying from the Flying Location FL3, in the north east corner of Longham Reservoir 2, is only allowed when no other on water activities (currently kayaking & model yachting) are taking place.
  7. The Flying Locations FL1 and FL2 have no flying restrictions placed on them, other than stated in these Rules.
  8. Each Flying Location has a Pits and a Flying Platform along with and Designated Flying Area, as described in the Flying Rules (see below).
  9. The Flying Location to use on any intended flying day will be determined on arrival at Longham Reservoirs. The Duty Warden will advise on any restrictions that are in place. Flying shall only take place from one Flying Location at a time.


  1. The only models permitted to fly at Longham Lakes 2 are radio controlled electric-powered, propeller driven, fixed-wing flying boats and floatplanes not exceeding a weight limit of 7kg. (Exemptions - for ducted fan or overweight models for example - may be granted for specific occasions by the Duty Warden providing that an additional Club member is present to observe)
  2. Models using 2.4GHz equipment may be assembled and ground tested in the Study Centre car park, but models using 35 MHz equipment may be assembled in the car park but must not be ground tested at this location. All models must be carried from the car park to the pits area in an inert state with the flight battery disconnected from the speed controller. Radio control equipment may then be switched on in the Pits and Flying Location Areas. All Models may be set up and ground tested in the Pits Area.
  3. The Flying Area shall be over the water of Longham Lake 2 only. Flying over the land area surrounding Longham Lake 2, the fishing reservoir to the North (Longham Lake 1), or any dwelling, public footpath, car park or other public area is strictly forbidden.
  4. The Designated Area is the area of water over which flying may take place for that day. Normally it will be a box with sides of approximately 400m x 400m with height 100m, one side along the bank of Lake 2 where the Pits will be placed.
  5. The Pits is the area at each Flying Location where radio control equipment can be switched on and model planes set up and ground tested. None of these activities may take place outside the Pits area (except for models using 2.4GHz equipment).
  6. The Flying Platform at each Flying Location is located next to the Pits. The platform is the location where flyers stand to operate their models when taking off, flying or landing from the water of Longham Lake 2. All models must be operated/flown from the Flying Platform only. Models will be launched with regard for the safety of members of the general public, spectators and other pilots. Models may be hand launched providing that the launch and flight pattern conforms with these rules.
  7. Spectators are to be expected and all flyers are to assist with spectator control and if necessary acquaint the general public with the necessity of keeping clear of the Pits area and Flying Platform.
  8. Only transmitters on 35 MHz and 2.4GHz may be used, in accordance with Home Office and OFCOM regulations. A peg-board “Peg On” frequency control system shall be in operation when there are more than two pilots present flying on 35 MHz. Additionally, a queuing system is to be operated when there are more than four pilots present.
  9. No more than four models may be flown at any one time. When there are pilots waiting to fly, there shall be a maximum individual flight time of 10 minutes.
  10. Junior members are the responsibility of their parent/guardian, but this may be delegated in accordance with the BMFA guide for caring for junior members.
  11. Occasional visitors may be invited as guest flyers to Longham Reservoirs by arrangement with CDMFC. Guest Flyers must be BMFA members and must be accompanied by a CDMFC member who must assume total responsibility for the actions and safety of the guest.
  12. Guest members of other associations with equivalent insurance may fly providing that they can show evidence of BMFA (or equivalent) insurance cover.
  13. The instructions of the BW Longham Lakes Duty Warden are to be obeyed at all times.
  14. Use of fuel engine, rockets or jet propulsion and model helicopter flying is strictly forbidden.
  15. Every effort must be made to remove all debris from crash sites, whether on land or water.
  16. Bournemouth Water and Christchurch & District Model Flying Club reserve the right to amend these regulations at their discretion.
  17. Any changes that affect the above rules must be notified to Bournemouth Water in writing within 7 days of the change.

    Amended July 2019 to reflect the change of ownership of the Reservoir