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Rose Bowl Thermal Comp Rules


The aim is to fly for exactly 10 minutes and land on a spot marked in the Chalbury field.

Timing to commence upon leaving the launch line or when motor off.

Two flights allowed within one hour. If two flights are taken the second one ONLY shall count.

Launch will be by Bungee, Power Winch or electric on board motor using a height limiter set to 200 metres & 30 seconds.

The landing area shall be marked and a line will be used to measure how far from the spot a model comes to rest.

Timing to stop when the model comes into contact with anything on the ground.

Scoring will be in Seconds with a maximum being 600.

A penalty will be deducted for each second under or over the 10 minutes.

If a model achieves less than two minutes flight time from leaving the  launch system the time will not be scored and a further attempt will be  allowed.

If a trimming flight is required please say “Trimming Flight”. This must not interfere with competitors.

A Bonus will be added as follows: 50 points landing the model nose within 2 metre of the spot anchor point and 25 points if between 2 metres  & 5 metres.

When all have put a score in and/or the one hour time is up the round shall cease.

The second round will be a repeat of the first, as will be the third round.

Total score in seconds, plus add bonus points to score and show total.

In the event of a tie, a fly-off will be flown by the individuals in order to establish a clear winner.

This is to be a relaxed friendly competition. Safety will be the paramount factor.