Friday evening bungee launch and electric launch glider competitions at Stanpit Rec

Stanpit Friday Night Challenge Rules 2015

 Beginning of May until end August 6pm weekly at Stanpit Recreation Ground.


Launch from bungee. Time starts from model being released from the line until landing. Anything on the ground counts as time to stop the stop watch.

Two attempts per evening allowed.

Model may be launched by a helper.

All flights to be timed by an assistant (not the pilot.)

No spot landing score.

The club bungee should be used. Any alternative bungee could be used subject to agreement on the night and then available to other flyers.

Should a hand tow be used it must be 150 metres in length and wound in after each launch.


Hand launch model. A helper may do this for the pilot. Models should have a height limiter on board. This will cut the motor at 200 metres or 30 seconds, whichever comes first. The stop watch must start when the model is launched.  Anything on the ground counts as time to stop the watch. (Motor run time included in the score time.)

Two attempts per evening allowed.

No spot landing score.

Should a pilot not have a height limiter then 30 secs will be allowed then the motor must be cut. If the model appears to out climb those with a limiter the time will be reduced to 20 seconds for subsequent flights.

ALL landings MUST be within the recreation ground to score.

Should a model land outside the recreation ground the score is zero but does count as one of the two flights for that evening.

Freshly charged batteries may be used with each flight.

The Friday Night Challenge is;

May 7 minutes. June 8 minutes. July 9 minutes. August 10 minutes.

ALL flights count each week. The best score is carried forward each month. A maximum score cannot be added to that month. This gives those who cannot enter every week a chance to win!


For novice flyers of both disciplines with a model wing span of up to & including 2.3 metres the challenge time are as follows.;

May 4 minutes. June 5 minutes. July 6 minutes. August 7 minutes.

ALL other rules are as above.

A flight can be taken at any time after 6pm until dusk to count. No need to start at 6pm.

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