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We have flat field electric and glider flying at Strawberry Field, Monday - Saturday Spring, Summer and Autumn, 7 days a week in the Winter


Flying off water at Longham Reservoir, at any time


Indoor flying twice a month in the winter at Durlston Court School,



and Slope Soaring at a number of sites from Barton Cliffs to here at Win Green, at any time.

We are a friendly club based in and around the Christchurch area. We have over 120 members who fly most types of aircraft, including gliders (both thermal and slope soaring), indoor (free flight and rc), and electric power fixed wing and a few helicopters. We have sole access to flying at two excellent private sites, Strawberry Field near Lymington, where there is a 2 fee per day for fliers, and Longham Reservoir, to the west of Bournemouth Airport. Our annual membership fee is only 15 for BMFA* members or 47 including BMFA membership.

Electric flying and thermal soaring takes place at Strawberry Field a couple of miles north of Lymington and also on public sites, fairly central to the Christchurch area. The slope sites are within about 50 minutes drive, catering for practically all wind directions. IC Power flying is not permitted on any of our sites and IC flyers generally join privately run fields. Indoor flying sessions are currently held twice a month during the Winter season at a local sports hall for a small charge. Longham Reservoir is available for electric flying of flying boats and floatplanes free of charge to Club members.

We welcome flyers of all ability levels, including beginners. Choosing the right model with which to learn the basic building and flying skills is very important, and expert advice is available on all types of model, large or small, helicopters or fixed wing, gliders, or electric powered, from scale models of full size aircraft to specialist high performance aerobatic or racing types. Slope soaring and electric powered trainers are available for anyone wishing to try their hand before taking the plunge. Once hooked, help is at hand at all stages in the building process, in the choice of appropriate radio equipment and through to those all important first flights. Club meetings and technical sessions are held every month at the Walkford Inn.

*BMFA - the British Model Flying Association, to which the Club is affiliated. Membership benefits include your compulsory model flying insurance and a magazine four times a year.


We meet for a chat and a “what’s this then?” at the Bransgore Vilage Hall on the first Wednesday of every month.

We build - Clive Spencer’s Grumman Albatross at the halfway stage

...and of course we fly! The same model at Longham Reservoir and Martin Burr’s Sopwith Camel at Strawberry Field

27 Jul 13 018

Our Club newsletter is “Sloping Off” -  copy dates are:

30 November for December
28 February for March
31 May for June
31 August for September

Please send direct to the Editor, whose address is on the contacts page.

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