Purbeck Picnic slope  (limited access but a public site)


Map reference SY 904 816

Wind direction South and a few degrees either way

Large gravel surface car park.

Park at west end.

Dear All

I have had this update from Terry White about the new restrictions regarding the flying from The Picnic Site in the Purbecks

  • Hi everyone.
  • I have just returned from my meeting with the R.S.M.I. and his Col. regarding flying at the Picnic slope at Creech on the Purbeck.
  • Not good news I'm afraid, It seems that the ranges have changed military responsibility from the gunnery Regiment over to the Special Forces.
    During this changeover the S.F. looked at the 'notams' in force and have insisted that due to the possible spying aspect of our hobby that 'NO FLYING AIRCRAFT SHALL BE ALLOWED WHILST TRAINING IS BEING UNDERTAKEN' over the military area. They see this as a reasonable directive considering their necessary responsibility involved. They informed me that the type of training about to be undertaken there is far more specialised then ever before and security paramount.
  • The meeting was amicable, they intently listened to my spill as I made them fully understand every aspect of our concerns and disapproval, However I was made aware that this directive comes from high level and MUST be carried out. It is not only us fliers that have been disappointed,horse riding, game shooting, Hang gliders Paracenders,and other all have been effected. Not all M.O.D. establishments will be effected by this directive although Quad copters and the like are very much in their radar at the moment.
  • I was also advised that the picnic area itself may well be closed off during training in the near future, such are the changes within the camp.
  • So where does that leave us now?
  • We can fly as often as we like providing they are not training. This is indicated by the gate over the ranges being open.
    This will normally be the case from 4.30 onwards every week day and week end evening. So evening fliers will not be effected.
  • Also we can fly every weekends from 2.30 on the Friday through to 8.00a.m Monday morning, except for 6 weekends during the year. These weekends are documented at the start of the year and published here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/lulworth-access-times
  • Also school and bank holidays are open days, again dates and times can be found on the same web site.
  • The week's firing times are published in the daily Echo if it is wished to be checked on a weekly basis.
  • I have included their programme for the rest of 2014 and their programme for 2015 here for your help.
  • Not what we wanted to hear I know, but remember that we have the southerly slope at the southeast, and now have the superb south slope on Mr Bartlett's land (opposite the North on the same hill)
  • If you need any more info just shout.
  • The Picnic slope is open to fliers every weekend with the exception of the following:
  • 1. 17th/18th January 2015
    2. 7th/8th March 2015
    3. 9th/10th May 2015
    4. 4th/5th July 2015
    5. 26th/27th September 2015
    6. 14th/15th November 2015
  • In addition to the weekends they are open every day during the following times; all dates are inclusive:
    Christmas 20th December 2014 – 4th January 2015
    Easter 3rd – 12th April 2015
    Bank Holiday 2nd – 4th May 2015
    Spring 23rd May – 31st May 2015
    Summer 25th July – 30th August 2015
    Christmas 19th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016
  • For any further information please phone 01929 404701
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